NE2301 series, the CMOS-based flat-panel detectors, possess the capability of high speed output at up to 300fps, apply to digital X-ray imaging in cephalometric areas,etc. Designed with 100μmx100μm pixel size and a large photosensitive area of 23cm x 0.76cm. Coupled with FOP to improve the image resolution and to prevent the X ray radiation on the CMOS chip and peripheral circuit so as to prolong the product life. Integrated scintillator is to enable image output with high sensitivity and high resolution. Combined with USB3.0 readout circuit and GigE is for optional, its CMOS chip has been embedded with 14bit ADC circuit. Available for backend readout circuit design as required.
The SDK could be provided for customer's further development. A variety of OEM/ODM customization options are available.

Cephalometric, Industrial scanning